About Marmosets

There just is no other pet like a marmoset; intellegent, affectionate and energetic, these little primates will bring a new dimension to your home. They are clean animals, and even able to be trained to wear diapers for those times they are roaming outside of their cage. They are social animals, and love attention, whether sitting on your shoulder eating treats or curled up beside you as a you read a book.

A newborn only weighs about 30 grams and its body is covered with fine grey hair, at two weeks they can crawl and at 12 weeks they become independent of parental care.

By week 28, they have developed their white hair tufts and at 60 weeks they are sexually mature.

Here at Marmoset Mommatales we hand rear all our babies, spending time with them so that they are gentle and ready to be delivered up to their new homes.

Marmosets are easy to feed, their primary diet consists of canned marmoset-diet food, found at local pet stores. They love snacking on fruits and vegetables and other easily available household foods

We will share many techniques with you to keep your marmoset mentally engaged and healthy, when you purchase a marmoset from us.

In the wild, marmosets are found primarily in the tropical rainforests of South America, they are entirely arboreal (tree dwelling). Adults weigh 300-500 grams and their body length (without tail) is 5.5 to 7.5 inches.

Unlike several of their close relatives, the common marmoset is currently not listed as a threatened species.



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